Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Pine View Theatre Blog

ATTENTION: As of May 21 this blog will no longer be updated or used.

I invested some time and money into a new website that I believe to be more informative, professional looking AND user friendly... plus it even has a name that is easier to remember and quote to people then the mouthful that this site address was... who thought of it anyways? :)

Ladies & gentlemen I formally introduce you to the new website of Pine View High Theatre:


Please go to this site, look around, become familiar with it and most importantly BOOKMARK this new web page and delete all memory of this old wordy blog. Please note that all KING AND I audition information is posted on the new website underneath the "Theatre Productions" tab... just follow the links.

Spread the word like wildfire! Pine View High Theatre now lives at www.pineviewtheatre.org

Thanks and good-bye!

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